How to Walk – Workshop Coming Soon

Life is full of hardship. People go to uni and spend years studying ants or dirt or people or maths.

But where is the course on how to walk? I’ve seen a few babies who could do with a how-to! But this workshop isn’t for babies. It’s for another demographic.

There are people out there who have degrees, spouses, money and clothes. But they hit the road and all of a sudden their world must be one big alligator in a cockpit as you try to land a plane.

They know what they should be doing but their snappy friend is chomping at their toes. What to do?

They put one foot in front of the other and start their journey. This is algebra. This is moonwalking. This is doing a handstand inside a volcano as it erupts. This is fraught with danger.

People laugh and smile as they walk past. Poles stand still. Benches give a little giggle as they wander past. Their feet are like stilts under a man on a wobble-board.

One person. Two. Three. Bump. Push. Bang. They are the pinball and the world is their pinball machine. Swish. Wakoo. Bapoop. Step by step they encounter people, things, buildings and roads. And they’re unprepared for every single thing they encounter.

So how can you walk in such a way that you get where you’re going without the pinball effect? The short answer is learn how to walk. Learn it. Study it.

And then when you’re about to simultaneously run into a pole and a small French man with a large moustache, you’ll pivot, spin and prance to the left and walk like a champion.


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