Rule One of Learning to Adult

Have you seen Fight Club? Spoiler alert …

Dude has issues.

This is similar. Growing from a baby to an adult is difficult. Trees make it look easy but if you watch them go from seed to giant, it would be ultra boring and there’d be a few dead leaves along the way. How sad.

Life is a bit like an orange. Bright, shiny, delicious and great at half-time in sports. But when you throw it at a wall it can lose some of its jazz.

Where are you at? Fruit-wise? Tiny? Large? Watermelonish or maybe a bit like a berry rolling down a hill into a smoothie? Don’t deny it. Take whatever came to mind and make a move. Purchase it at your fruit shop. Add some ice, milk, yoghurt and love. Then blend it and eat it to represent how you’re feeling.

Fruity? No?

I feel like a school principal who stands up at an awards night to give an award for best person and then takes half an hour talking about how many chairs there are in the building. I’ve gone off topic.

Rules are made to be followed by people who love rules. And this rule could change everything. Get ready. Take your eyes off the screen if you’re reading this in a public place like a cafe, train, church or classroom and glare at the nearest human. Let them know you’re alive and you’re here. Thanks.

Rule one of learning to adult is to never use the phrase learning to adult.


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