You and Me, Gandalf

Ah, rain. Love it. Gold is one word I’d use to describe rain. Other similarly high performing things in my life would include my wife (times a million), German sausage, wheat beer and FIFA / live premier league with mates.

Sometimes life gives you lemons and you love lemons. Or life gives you mango but you’re allergic to orange. For me, life sometimes gives me rain and I pick up an umbrella.

‘Versatile ceiling’

‘Removable roof’

‘Transportable friend’

These are some phrases that could be used to describe the humble umbrella – now to be forever known as the ‘humbrella’.

It shields me from the wet. It offers me baguette. Nah forget it, no rhymes are working at the moment.

The one thought I had that led to this blog about the humbrella is the way I interact with my clothy friend when we’re together. If it’s closed and I’m walking then I can’t help but tap it like a cane. It’s like I’m pavlov’s dog and I’ve just discovered I get a treat whenever I do a dance.

So this is an invitation. Bring yourself. Wear a smile. Greet the rain. Grab a friend. Make that friend a humbrella.

And as you walk, tap it on the road, grass or path like you imagine Da Vinci would have tapped his knee as he painted a tree.

Then, on your own or with a phone, think of Gandalf. Because the old grey barbaric wizard of a dude knew how to rock a cane. And I bet if he had a humbrella he would have used it like a boss.

So when you walk with yours, tap it with pride. Dance like a lion. And imagine Gandalf is on your left and on your right. Up ahead and tickling your side. And speak out of the corner of your mouth so your words go in the general direction of your ear …

‘You and me, Gandalf’


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