Aven’t You ‘ver Seen a Zip?

Do you have pants? Or a jacket? I’d wager three buckets of lard that you do.

Therefore (drumroll please)

Ain’t nobody not know what a zip is.

That’s my hypothesis and it relates directly to the roads. I swear that people drive on our roads like a toddler studying astrophysics. Seriously. How hard is it to drive? That’s what I find myself muttering under my breath or shaking my head and saying, ‘I can’t believe it’ regularly on the road.

My answer is simple. The zip merge. 98.2% of problems on the road would be fixed in an instant if people could just get their heads around the zip merge. How does the zip merge work?

You want to merge and so you indicate (yep, do it) and then slide in between two cars. The person behind you then slides in between the 2 cars after that, 1 of which is the car you’re in front of (still following?).

It’s not rocket science. You’re not a toddler.

Zip it.


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