Why Men Should Wear Their Wedding Rings

I’ve noticed a craze going on under the radar in our society. Men don’t seem to be wearing their wedding rings any more. Instead, they’re walking around with nude ring fingers doing life like nothing’s going on.

Well, I may be small. I may speak with an off-putting level of quietness that begs a ‘pardon?’ I may sniff loudly at inopportune times. But I do have eyes. And I question what I’m seeing.

This bugbear of mine starts with the issue of what rings represent in the first place. A circle that is never broken. ‘To death do us part’ is fervently and emotionally spoken across the nose of a priest or celebrant every weekend by the thousands. And the symbol of that ‘never say never’ attitude towards the vow of marriage is the wedding ring.

So guys, why take it off? I understand that jewellery is a new thing for some dudes. You’ve never worn a necklace. You’re not Italian. You didn’t grow up in the Bronx. But here’s your chance to be Koby Bryant the second.

I vote that the wedding ring for guys should be treated like the pantsuit for a woman. Unconventional? A little. Unexpected? Maybe back in the day, but now it’s totally normal and so it should be. Well, so a wedding ring should be the norm on a married man’s finger.

Let me ask you this, if you promised a turtle that you would never leave its side. If it was endangered and had a tiny turtle tusk worth a billion dollars. And you, for some reason, were the only person on the planet who cared. Would you stay with it? Well would you?

I think you would. I believe in you turtle man. So take that same attitude that turtles around the world are hoping for if the turtle apocalypse comes, and treat your wedding ring with the same level of love and appreciation.

You never know, your wedding ring could actually be a tiny turtle biding its time to awaken at exactly the right moment. But even if it’s just a piece of gold, silver or platinum.

Leave it on.


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