Closing the Loop by Steven Furtick – Review

When I say I’m going to review a pastor’s sermon, everyone should grab their friends and squeal like a wounded pig in a pool at a shark convention on pork-digestion-techniques. I’m pretty over people running around red-faced and arms raised with indignation at all of the things they hate about … well everything.

So my only point is that this … isn’t that. Too many dots? Well I’m dotty.

I listened to the fine reverend Steven Furtick on podcast as he gave this sermon about closing the loop. He made a great point about remembering where we’ve been and what God has done in the past.

I loved that reminder to look back. It’s not that ground-breaking is it? But the thing that he says that is most helpful is looking back in the context of a loop. What if progress isn’t a straight line but is more like a loop? More like a rollercoaster where you go up really high getting so excited about the heights you’re going to experience then just as you get to what you think is the top you realise you’re in free fall and oh-my-goodness it’s all over.

But it’s not. But it feels like it. But it’s not. But it still feels like it. Tricky eh?

Well it’s not over. That’s that. Because if it was over you wouldn’t be able to ask ‘is it over?’ No, it’s not over until the underweight shrimp does a cartwheel on the seafloor. But it’s not about having a ra-ra party to get yourself all exhilarated when the truth is you feel pretty much further back than where you were before. That’s where closing the loop is such an awesome idea.

In that place of feeling further behind than in front, try looking back. Look at where you’ve been. Look at where God took you that you didn’t expect. Imagine where He kept you from that you could so easily have gone. Look at how He’s taken you through that rollercoaster to now and you’re still here.

Now think about the fact that He’s still here. Maybe you don’t believe that. Cool mahn. No worries mahn. But contemplate it. What if He is? What if He never left?

And what if while everyone else might have jumped off your rollercoaster and said ‘I’m out you dysfunctional looper’, He stayed. He was there. He is there.

Hey, don’t take my word for it. But if you’re in the middle of a crapstorm at the bottom of a rollercoaster full of bitterness and anger about what could have been but wasn’t. Then maybe realising you haven’t gone 100 miles off course but you’re actually coming round to where God knew you would be, maybe that will help?

Have a listen, it’s good stuff.

Closing The Loop – 7 pancakes out of 4 fire extinguishers.


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