The Power of Precision by Steven Furtick – Review

I hope you like this picture of me. It took me HOURS to dress up like Robin Hood and then to get such a melancholy pose. So what if I dress up? Nah I don’t really. Have better things to do. Props to you though if you do. Why not? I wear clothes like pants and shoes so why can’t you wear weird things? True. Point taken. Just don’t show up in my Facebook feed or I’ll hide you quicker than Bruce Lee could cut up a sandwich.

So Steven Furtick and Elevation Church have a new podcast series for 2017. ‘Are you going to rip him to shreds?!’ you ask with sweat dripping out of your pores. ‘No’ I reply with a smug look of ‘I-ain’t-going-there’ resolve across my chin. But, if you do want to have a slag-fest on him, Elevation Church, everyone who’s ever tried to do anything helpful + anything else you can get your dirty little hands on, then might I suggest ? I bought it just for you. Get on there and write your heart out and then when you’ve written all you have to say and vented more than a Volkswagen Diesel engine in front of the carbon emissions police, you can go to and give a review under ‘why I should quit being such a negative persona’. Can’t wait to read your heartfelt thoughts!

This series is all about windows. I thought it was strange to have a whole church series about a software program but, let’s be honest, everyone loves Windows! Actually I’m a Mac sort of person so if that was the topic of the series I might have joined Freddy boy back there in the last paragraph over in toxic-waste-land. Instead, I thoroughly enjoyed this series.

The power of precision is all about working your window. Elisha is at the centre of the passage when he tells a king to fire an arrow out the window over his enemy. Interesting that he would have many more enemies to fight, but at this time he needed to see where he was called to fight – not everywhere – and to see the victory in advance before any blood had been shed.

This wasn’t a crazy change of life sort of podcast or message for me, it was more a reminder to ask God where He wants me to spend my efforts and to be willing to hear him and go there or focus there.

One thing I’ve found really helpful the last couple of years, a suggestion from Furtick’s good mate Craig Groeschel, is to ask God for a word for the year. I’ve found that what God has given me for the year has been really poignant in hindsight. Powerful at the start as well, but in hindsight really ‘shake-your-head-in-disbelief’ sort of stuff. Maybe I should have paid even more attention at the start to what God was saying to me about the year? Cause that word has often not just given me great assistance in where to focus, but I’ve realised later on that I probably could have bet a bit more on it and really chased after what the word meant and it might have helped with some tricky times.

Anyway, check out the message and the series and go and grab an arrow and hit the ground with it screaming like a banshee. Can’t hurt anyone and you might feel a little better afterwards.

The Power of Precision – 108.3 flat tyres out of 31 bacon rolls.


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