Bowler’s Run Cabernet Merlot Review

When it comes to wine … nah make that everything, I consider myself frugal. I’m somewhat obsessed with getting the best deal I can.

I’m not one of those people who hoards the used aluminium cans to give back and make a few cents, I couldn’t be bothered. It’s all about convenience.

Within the spectrum of ‘reasonably convenient’ my goal is to find the best deal I can. That’s where this wine comes in.

I hate bad wine. But one thing I hate more than bad wine is overpriced wine. I think I’d rather pay $5 for a bad wine only to be slightly disappointed that it’s below average rather than average, than to pay $30 for a wine that turns out to be average.

So the Bowler’s Run Cabernet Merlot 2016 – available in Dan Murphy’s – caught my eye. ‘What’s this? A cheap cab merlot? Hmm’ I thought. Having just returned from a fantastic vacation to wine country, I had cemented the impression that the cab merlot had won my heart and easily-confused palette to be my number one red.

So I bought a few cheap cab merlots to give them a whirl. Most were terrible with this acidic ‘I could crush a mouldy grape into a cup of lemon juice and it would be better than this’ taste that caused the nostrils to flair (incorrect spelling intended) up like a bull at a rodeo with a sudden itch for the cha cha cha.

Then I tried the Bowler’s Run Cab Merlot. It’s great. I reckon you could blind taste any other red I’ve had under $30 against this wine and it would come up trumps. Truly, it’s ridiculous.

I’m not even going to attempt to unpack the tastes on the palette because I don’t care. Here’s all you need to know …

It’s $2.99 a bottle. And $2.85 each when you buy six.

Now THAT’S a language my palette speaks.

Bowler’s Run Cabernet Merlot 2016 Cheap Wine Review – 9.5/10

Bowler’s Run Cabernet Merlot 2016 Overall Review – 7/10


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